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    Guidelines for the Management of Cataract in India

    The manual deals with all protocols necessary for preoperative assessment, intra operative procedures and post operative care for cataract surgery. It also deals with protocols for sterilization and care of instruments and other material required for cataract surgery.

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    Vision Screening Manual

    This manual is a guideline with details on infrastructure, HR, equipment and other requirement for the setting up and running of a vision centre.

  • image3

    Vision Screening in School Children

    The manual provides standard protocols in school screening to ensure quality of service delivery. It gives guidelines on planning, management and standard procedure for screening in schools.

  • image4

    Guidelines for Comprehensive Management of Low Vision in India

    This manual provides guidelines for setting up low vision centre. It deals with the definition, causes of low vision, its assessment, information of low vision devices and rehabilitation.

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    Manual for Planning of Tertiary Eye Care Services

    The manual is a handy reference guide for those who want to set up a new facility at tertiary level and also for those who are looking to upgrade their existing services.

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    Guidelines for Diabetic Eye Care in India

    This guideline is an outcome of a national consultation to adapt the ICO guidelines in Indian context. Suggestions and inputs from experts working in DR management in the country has been incorporated here.

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    Leadership – Learning from Successful Practices

    This manual is a compilation of presentations made at the Leadership session during the VISION 2020 – INDIA’s 8th annual conference. The content provides an informative insight into the principles and practices of the critical aspects of good leadership.