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Comprehensive Eye Care

In order to eliminate the causes of avoidable blindness it is imperative to look at eye care and health in a comprehensive manner and address all pertinent issues rather than focus on just the leading cause of avoidable blindness. Comprehensive eye care comprises of three factors –

  • Comprehensive eye examination, which includes a series of tests and examinations that are to be conducted for every patient in order to ensure that all possibilities of eye
    problems are evaluated.
  • Comprehensive eye care services, involves promotion of eye health, prevention,
    diagnosis and treatment of all relevant eye diseases and rehabilitation services to those
    with irreversible blindness and low vision.
  • Comprehensive eye care system aims to provide comprehensive eye care examination
    and services to everyone in the society without discrimination by gender, age, socioeconomic status etc.

For a comprehensive eye care system, it is important to develop infrastructure – physical and human resources capacity in sub-specialities. Also, develop processes for monitoring and evaluating performances and conduct targeted operational research.

To build a comprehensive eye care system, VISION 2020 – INDIA works to:

  • Advocate for policy changes that require equitable distribution of eye care services in
    the society by identifying the underserved districts and focusing on them.
  • Develop training programs, in association with medical professionals, which are
    aimed at developing human resources capacity in sub-specialities at all levels in the eye care sector.
  • Increasing awareness on issues pertaining to eye health by leveraging the brand
    ambassador, organising thematic campaigns.