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Community Eye Health Journal - Indian Supplement

Official Publication of the VISION 2020 - THE RIGHT TO SIGHT - INDIA FORUM
Vol.23 2010

Extent and impact of eye disease in children in India and the status of Pediatric Service Delivery No.72 March

Vol.17 2004

Setting up Low Vision Care Services in the Developing World No.49

Surgical audit at H.V.Desai Eye Hospital, Pune: causes of poor postoperative visual outcome No.52

Bridging the gap: Barriers at community level, between service providers and receivers No.51

Childhood Cataracts: Aetiology and Management No.50

Vol.2 2012

Low vision: we can all do more

Vol.21 2008

Eye health care for the elderly: A collaborative effort No.66 June

Integrating the sustainability concept within ORBIS India eye care programmes No.67 September

Present Status of the National Programme for Control of Blindness in India No.65 March

National Programme for Control of Blindess (Npcb) in the Eleventh (11th) Five-year Plan Period No.68 December

Vol.20 2007

Rapid assessment methods in eye care and their use in assessing refractive errors No.63 September

How to assess and plan for the management of visually challenged children in the context of multiple “different-abilities” No.62 June

Extending eye-care in the Thar Desert, India: The GRAVIS experience No.64 December

Vol.19 2006

Understanding the Genetics of Primary Glaucomas in the Indian Population No.59

A comparison of static and mobile facilities for primary eye care & refractive error services No.58

Creating Demand for Cataract Surgery & Meeting it: the Sankara way! No.60

Vol.18 2005

Primary prevention of red eye in the Indian context No.53

A model for eye care service delivery to urban underprivileged populations in New Delhi No.55

An infrastructure model for the implementation of VISION 2020: The Right to Sight No.54

Community participation in addressing the challenges of childhood blindness No.56

Vol.22 2009

Operational Research Study on “Compliance of Spectacle wears among School Children” By Sewa Rural, 2009 – 10

Gender and Eye Care Services in Central India No.70 March

Role of mid level ophthalmic professionals in Nepal – experiences to share! No.69 March

Vol.01 2011

A regional workshop for South East Asia Region – 2011

Implementation of the Action Plan for the Prevention of Avoidable Blindness and Visual Impairment