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  • +91- 96 67 07 88 66

Vision & Mission


  • An India free of avoidable blindness
  • Where every citizen enjoys the gift of sight
  • And the visually challenged have enhanced quality of life as a right


To work with eye care organisations in India best music download apps for the elimination of avoidable blindness by provision of equitable and affordable services as well as rehabilitation of visually challenged persons through development of:

  • Appropriate Policies
  • Quality Standards
  • Advocacy
  • Training

promotion of best practices with a special emphasis on the poor and marginalised sections of society and underserved areas.




Strengthen advocacy at all levels

Reduction of disease burden

Strengthen infrastructure and human resources

MIS for better program management, transparency and coordination

Key Approaches

  • Advocacy
  • Resource mobilization
  • Program development
  • Collaboration and Coordination