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Corona Warrior: The love for her child or call for duty.

The love for her child or call for duty. 

When thirty – year old Mrs Mudrika Munde, nurse from D. S. Karad Eye Institute, Latur, Maharashtra, volunteered to nurse a corona positive patient, it was the call of duty that prevailed over the love of a mother. 

For a period of 20 days, Mrs Mudrika left the care of her six year old to her husband. It was heart wrenching for the mother in Mrs Mudrika to not even afford a glimpse of her child. This was not her normal duty pattern when she would return home after her duty hours to hug her son. She knew she would be completely isolated for more than two weeks.

Mrs Mudrika shared that she would push her motherly feelings aside to concentrate on her professional work. 

During her hospital bound duty, Mrs Mudrik’s husband  brought their son twice to the hospital to meet. But adhering to the strict protocol and not to risk her family with the infection, Mrs Mudrika could noo meet or see  her family even from a distance. 

The care and treatment resulted in the patient being cured and tested negative after 19 days.

A satisfied Mrs Mudrika was ready to return home and a grand welcome awaited her. Residents of her apartment welcomed the corona warrior with loud clapping and showing of flower petals. The corona warrior could not stem her tears.